Gardeners of desire

Hoveniers van het Verlangen

Graduation Project 2018

How can I visualize desire? On the one hand, there is the makeable world and the mind that we believe is of great significance here. On the other hand, there is the other, other people and our body, which withdraws from us.

My photo series form a collection of all the information that I have collected and then visualized, from philosophical considerations to diary-like observations. Imagination has the most important role: desire exists in what we imagine. With the photos I want to encourage people to use their imagination.

The title Gardeners of desire suggests a makeability of what we desire, and thus contradicts the photographs and the text. I see my photographs as containing what cannot be comprehended into our self-designed system.


Agitation in my head and unanswered questions don't fit in harmonious and controlled environments. Unanswered questions represent a need, and fuel my project and correspond to desire. The series is full of chaos, not-knowing, impressions and questions, lead by an apparent makeability born in the mind, which however cannot be controlled.