Part one:

Xonrupt Longemer

le lac sans problèmes

August 2018

After four years of studying photography at the art academy it suddenly ended in the summer of 2018. The systematic way of working all of a sudden became completely voluntary. This provided a lot of freedom, which enabled me to bend my photography to my own needs without taking any kind of school organisms in concern.

Sleeping with the Fishes visualizes a period of time I spend in the Alsace mountains last summer. Since the stress I experienced during graduating was gone, I could form a photo series based on rules I created. The surrounding nature and villages provided a lot of peace and tranquillity. Together with my family I stayed at a campground alongside a mountain lake: Xonrupt Longemer. I could see the lake from my tent, this created a connected feeling. Spending time over there made me wonder wether fish actually slept. Do fish sleep, or did they watch over us?

Sleeping with the Fishes is a project about peace, anonymity and the beauty of Alsace nature. At the same time it is about having nothing to prove, excluding digital identity and summer love. Sleeping with the Fishes is an homage to my time I spent studying art in Breda and my family, who form an endless source of inspiration to me. All these photos were taken in the summer of 2018 and thus form the basis of a new not-school year. Everything will change: a new city, a new home and a new environment. And with that, who knows, new photography.